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Do you prefer the baby-smooth guys or the hairy ones? Some go for the hirsute ones – bearded and bushy, fluffy and furry. Others choose the silky soft bodies of sexy men. It’s a matter of preference, really. If you ask me, both seem fine – as long as the person is naturally smooth. It’s a bit of a disappointment if the guy did some big-time trimming, shaving, waxing or any form of manscaping. How about your preference – smooth or hairy?

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  1. i go for hairy men. they look more masculine. i have also heard that hairy men are more malibog than smooth ones which i believe so. my former bf was a hairy guy and i later found out he was fucking other guys too. malibog talaga!

  2. If it’s Victor Aliwalas, I will take him any other way. Sooooo hot. Saw him in Alabang once, not only goodlooking. He also looked clean at parang ang bango!!! 🙂

  3. kahit maghapon nya akong tirahin sa pwet…payag ako! parang ang sarap nyang dilaan sa buong katawan. pati tumbong nya pwede na rin! hahahaha!

  4. I look at forearms and armpits; the hairier they are, the better! And yes, it’s absolutely disappointing to see them trimmed. Leave them alone!

    Lush stubble is sometimes a plus. Like forearm hair, it’s a nice, exciting “hint” of the hairy paradise underneath. But contrast (say, men with naturally smooth bodies and faces but with bushy armpits) is attractive too. 😉

  5. oh victor! kantutin mo ako! para kang tarugo na chuchupain! jakol ako ng jakol sa katitingin sa yo! didilaan kita mula ulo hanggang paa, pati singit hanggang butas ng puwit mo! oh! pare victor! naloloko na ako sa yo! kantutin mo ako buong araw! please!!

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