Hang on just a bit, good things will come. Today’s a bit on auto-pilot, because Brazilians are usually the ones who can pull this one off (or pull down, for that matter). Bruno Galli is one of the new catalog endorsers for Bench Body, and sometimes he’s not, which explains the lower photo. Tee-hee.

44 thoughts on “Bruno!”

    1. Teh di ka pa nakapunta ng brazil noh? Mas common sa brazil yung maiitim na ethnic looking fyi. Yang ganyang look parang yung mga mestiso natin dito. Be informed.

  1. Magkano na kaya booking fees ng Brazilian models dito? mas ok sila, di gaya dito na local “models” na maarte. As in palaban talaga sila!

  2. Majority of the models here are pa book to augment their income. Mas liberated pa nga sila eh kesa maarte na bikini boys dito na leila dee lang

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