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Bursting At The Seams

Promising new model in glam town is Orion Tamayo, a 20-year-old student from the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta. The 6’5″-tall cutie has been making the rounds lately of the Philippine Fashion Week shows, with his Bench Body stint as the highlight of his main debut on the runway.  He was born and raised in Wisconsin before moving back here three years ago.
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  1. finally, si orion. shet, ang sarap-sarap nito. nakita ko rin bakat nya. piyesta mga badechi nung fashion week, i bet. more, more!

  2. Wow as in WOW. Santolan station. Finally! HAHA. Yeah, varsity sya sa perps. Basketball. 🙂 fb nya. We see him from time to time sa perps. 🙂 Pamangkin sya ni Sir Antonio Tamayo. LAKE!! :))

  3. wow. anlake. Finally! ORION! OMG. we see him from time to time sa Perps. Since varsity player sya. Basketball. Pasok na pasok sa banga ang nota ni Orion!

  4. bakit pinagkakaguluhan ng mga bekbek eh mukhang may mali nga sa fez? mga bakla talaga basta makakita ng bakatchina nagkakandarapa na!

  5. saw him last sunday sa sm center las pinas. real head turner. very nice face. pero, much nicer nga underneath.

  6. A member of the Tamayo clan. The owners of 8 university branches of Perpetual Help. He should be smart enough to do business.

  7. sorry to disappoint you gays but he’s not booking material. he can double the money that you’ll pay and slap it on your face. he is a member of tamayo clan, what is he gonna do with the penny that you’ll give him?

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