Candid Raymond Miranda

Someone sent me an email last night [in relation to my most recent post] with attached photos of this attractive diamond in the rough. For a minute I was wondering who this guy is, and then it hit me again that this is Raymond Miranda, a bit player in the movies and tv, and part-time model. So this is how he looks like, far from the footlights, with no make up or concealers. Just the same, he looks, uh, delectable, if you ask me. And as to my previous post on the -Er guys, my answers to all your comments would have to be: “I Know!”. Great treasures can come in even the most soiled packages.

2 thoughts on “Candid Raymond Miranda”

  1. -ER is so right!

    The longER you look at the pic,
    the gayER it gets.

    As if the pink undies weren’t enough, he’s lying on a bed with Winnie the Pooh sheets!

    This pic is so much fun!!!

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