Cheeky Markki

The trailer for the new Markki Stroem movie, Love At The End of the World, just came out (no pun) and it looks promising. Sex-wise. Markki’s butt-naked in bed with showbiz newcomer Khalid Ruiz, and they’re about to do the deed. It looks dreamy and if I can copulate like that with a guy like Markki …. I digress. We can’t wait for this movie.

31 thoughts on “Cheeky Markki”

  1. Buti naman At GAME na si Khalid this time, esp now mga BL At Gay themed Production namamayagpag sa YouTube at Indie Film Cinema…. kc naman Khalid nuon pa ino-oferan kana sana naisip mo yan.

  2. he’s hot but he’s not my type. diba siya ang ex ni marvin agustin? i wonder who’s bottom? please follow me @janniegavile

    1. Marvin Agustin? The man is straight. He cooks a lot, so many food. My mom is a big fan of tito Marvs and always give us ulam. Lechon, paella negra, valenciana, afritada, carecare, puto maya, sinigang na sisiw, bone marrow ala lisbon, ginisang embotido, etc.

        1. Straight po si Tito Marvin talaga. Even my mum and aunts say so. He just loves to cook and masarap siya magluto kaya you think he is homosexual. he is very fashionable becuase he is influenced by tita Jolens.

            1. Tito Marvs is straight, ate. His bedroom is full of manly things. Arnis sticks, softball equipment, URCC posters, boxing gloves. He loves pink because it compliments Tito Marv’s skin.

  3. Bakit hindi si Nico Fowler yung kapartner ni Markki? Sayang naman at mas masarap panoorin kung sila yung partner.

  4. Mas okay sana kung si Nico Locco or si Kristoff yung partner ni Markki para mas masaya. Mas nakaka L panoorin kung ganun.

  5. Tuwing pumupunta ako sa site na to at puwet nya bumubungad nahahappy ako haha. Arguably one of the best puwets in showbiz today.

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