Come-Hither: Geoffrey Taylor

Geoffrey Taylor was a former model who made waves at the Pinoy Dream Academy reality show last year. The 21-year-old native of Tuguegarao, Cagayan Valley was a finalist at the 2006 Mossimo Bikini Summit [won byJerome Ortiz with runner-up Hermann Weber]. Many thought that his entry into the Dream Academy show would pave the way for this budding singer, what with his height [5’11” tall] and looks [his father is American]. Unfortunately, he was eliminated during the contest and not much happened to him, except for minor gigs in concerts. He was last seen at the major concert of one of the PDA runners-up last week, where he reportedly got P10,000.00 gratuitously from an admiring gay fan in the audience.

12 thoughts on “Come-Hither: Geoffrey Taylor”

  1. I truly love this blog, however, I must say na tumaas ang kilay ko when I read this. “Many thought that his entry into the Dream Academy show would pave the way for this budding singer, what with his height [5’11” tall] and looks [his father is American].” So one’s father being American guarantees good looks? Sandali, makihanap nga’ng Yellow Pages under “Mail Order Bride” para maka-jackpot ako’t magkaroon ng half-American child, at least siguradong may hitsura. I heard Third World wife/maids are a hit in Kansas. Whether you’re declaring a personal opinion, mirroring a dysfunctional Pinoy society, or both, my question is, uh, are we still under American occupation? Pakibaba nga’ng kilay ko. Comment lang. 😀

  2. hey goeff,
    imjov one of your skul m8s in HS.
    im so proud of you! youve gone a longway,,stay humble as you are.
    Godbles on your career.
    if you find time just txt me to diz no:09168653579

  3. GGGIIINNNNAAAWWW sa manila, sabi ng mga pinoy. excuse me boys, this is nothing and far away from the TRUE meaning of ginaw. the dayime heat is not even enough to melt my frozen pekpek. am drowning with macho dancers up to the gills and my $$$ are fast disappearing into the wind. it’s all worthwhile tho. WHOOOSSSSHHHHH!!!!*****

  4. so, geoff is here? i thought geoff was taken to the US by his american father? i recall there was a channel 2 video showing his father (whom he had not seen since childhood)coming over and promised to come back to take geoff with him to the US.

  5. Rustcell, napaka-sensitive mo naman. Hindi naman sinabi na having an American father guarantees good looks. Naka-parenthesis lang yun. Blogger could have said “tuli siya” o supot” within those parentheses and there would be no connection between his looks and whether he’s circumcised.

  6. go geoff! nagsasabing pangit insecure sa iyo kawawa naman at ang lakas ng loob mag-post pag sumikat ka magngitngit lalo yan sana hi-bloodin ma-stroke siya.. He he

  7. magiging next big star yan antayin natin.. D naman lahat ng nagshoshowbiz instant popular kay sam lang nangyari yun.. rafael rossell, derek ramsey tagal na kaya nila noh even piolo lagpas 10 years na yan 5 years ago lang namayagpag samantalang si geoff 1 year pa lang, abangan natin mga kafatid

  8. ang strong ng feature pwede maging endorser ng clothes and underwear, i wonder kung buo ngipin d kasi naka smile.. Please post more pics of him. tnx

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