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lampartI always thought Philip Lampart is a dad, referred to in gay lingo as a middle-aged man. The first time he arrived in Manila for the Big Brother show, he was rather rotund and looked more mature. These days, the 22-year-old Filipino-Swiss tradie from Down Under is a hottie, thanks to diet and exercise and whole lotta lovin’ from his handlers. Happy weekend!

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  1. yes po dad na po siya may anak na siya pinakita din sa PBB. he really looks mature sa age niya. pero mabait ito, gusto niya talaga mag-artista.hahaha

  2. Ganda ng katawan, at mabuhok! Yan ang magandang posisyon for sucking a man’s dick! <3 Sucking while touching every inch of his muscles! Loveit

  3. oh! guy who got drunk on pbb during a swimming party. his towel fell off, revealing his privates and he was rather slow in covering himself up. lucky lauren dyogi who might still be enjoying that video clip up to now!

        1. Hindi mo nagets comment ko

          Yung cinomment nung 9:54, useless/pointless.. haha parang cinomment nya lang na “Kumakain sya ng tatlong beses sa isang araw”

          Bayot ka din bes haha

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