Cruise: The Men of Provoq are back! [Who’s the new guy?]

The Men of Provoq are back, after a long vacuity and a bum’s rush of some members [Michael Raymond Lim and Dennis McIrvin; is Gabz del Rosario out too?]. The second edition of the Men of Provoq will be coming out with a one-night-only tease show and a coffee table book, which promises to be sexier and hotter than the first one. Here’s more info about the show from one of the top men [thank you Lex] handling the project:

Cruise A Provocative Tour is a gay party highlighted by a series of sexually charged production numbers from the Men of Provoq. The party is on August 10, 2007 at the NBC Tent. Show Starts at 9pm. VIP tickets entitle one to a free drink and entrance to a specially designated area right by the stage for the best view of the show. VIP ticket holders can also drink and interact with the Provoq Men right after the show. VIP tickets are at Php1500 and are not commercially available. You may email your contact numbers if you want reservation for our VIP tickets.

I’m particularly curious who’s the new guy in the poster, the one with the hair dryer. I’m guessing it could be model John Elmer “JE” dela Cruz [photos below], second-runner up at the Kouros 2006 Male Model Search. But then again I could be mistaken. And no, I don’t think the one in pink is part of the group.

8 thoughts on “Cruise: The Men of Provoq are back! [Who’s the new guy?]”

  1. For me I’d have to say that Johnron Tanada is the hottest-one in the group. I sure wouldn’t mind “getting to know” him more! 😉

    Hey, “RD”! Whatever happened to Hermann Weber?

  2. Okay J., if you want to meet Johnron Tanada, who’s the confirmed “biggest” in the group, try working out in Global Gym near Letran College in Intramuros. He is there most of the time. I’m not sure if you can leave the cold, smelly confines of Gold’s Gym, though, for Johnron. Lol

    I don’t know whatever happened to Hermann Weber. Last time I saw him he was gaunt and haggard. He is based in Laguna, and he only goes to Manila for photo shoots and projects.

  3. Numbers? 😉 Care to share?

    Btw, I was sent on an errand to Intramuros but couldn’t find this GLOBAL GYM near Letran. But, after surveying the side-streets I came to the conclusion that this gym may be one of those with antiquated equipment.

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