Hot Men in the Philippines

David’s VPL

Because it’s summer and it’s hot, hot, hot, and people wear small things, airy things, anything to keep them cool under the sun, it is perfectly fine if we see lots of skin exposed. Like David Tang, in bikinis [or are those underwear?] and we’re not really offended. Really. 
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    1. haha…parang ang sarap nga pati ung titi bakat na bakat sa brief nya sarap dlaan..fuck sarap nya kantutin.

  1. malaki kung malaki ang ratbu!
    pero mukhang UNCUT as in supot!
    pero titi pa rin yan at ang gwapo nya! kaya go pa rin mga sisters!

  2. for some reason i was expecting a bit “bigger”. maybe his dick leaning on the side rather than pointing towards north

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