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Derrick’s Dick

I’ll lay off on the dick pics for a while, maybe in the coming days there will hard reckoning. For now, here’s a boy we all wished we could see his privates – Derrick Monasterio. Summer’s fading, and well, it seems likes we will be forever teased in his shorts-and-shirtless shtick this season.

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      1. Masarap pa din naman si Dennis trillo hi
        Kahit matanda na noong nag brief.
        Wala nga lang pakilikili.

      1. Pasensya na kepler, I’m too busy with my Party Drug business eh. Kailangan kumita para magkaboylet.

      2. To inah pootah Evans do u think I envious u? Stop it. I have lots of money unlike u u r just pretentious to have guys. I’m more prettier than u r. U don’t look like human. U r look like a clown poor gurl with penis

  1. Ang alam ko mga straight ang may video scandals, ang mga bisexual like him, alden, piolo, enchong, and others wala sila bkit kaya?

  2. Papayag na kayo na matikman ang lahat ng lalake na bet niyo pero magiging kamukha niyo si Inah Evans?

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