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Can anyone please ID this guy? It’s been more than a month since the Bench Universe show where he first caught some people’s attention. Yet, no one knows his name! Does anyone recognize him, the guy with the long schlong going boing-boing? Is that even real?
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  1. naaaaaks! kung varsity player yan ng UV at Cebuano, i’m sure matigas titi nyan kc kumakain ng bigas mais! i-try nyo baka mawarat yong mga keps nyo! nasubukan ko na kc!

  2. Not a real bulge. That’s a prostthetic bulge to keep your crotch hidden underneath. See how the base of his dick looks? Has a roundish shape on each side. Fake bulge.

  3. parang hindi na totoo sa laki – labacara anyone?

    pero kung totoo iyan – wackwack village ang kepay kong peke.

  4. he is andrew av., player for the uv green lancers.

    he is fil-am. he studied high school in the states. so to too yung anuman ang nakasabit dyan. i must say flaccid pa nga yan.

    hot in the pic. but way much hotter in person. i have seen him play. i fly to cebu para makita lang siya maglaro.

  5. kilala ko yan. may dugong artista at dating nag t trabaho sa dunkin donuts. ngayon nasa krispy kreme na. taga butas ng donut. pinsan ni ai-ai. bwahahahaha

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