Hot Men in the Philippines

Fat Like You


This is Dominic Roque‘s brother now. A month ago, during the go-see for the Bench show, Anthony Roque was a butterball, seemingly inappropriate and unfit for an underwear show. You saw the old pic, right? Anthony then standing beside lean and mean models, his cute little baby fat protruding from the red boxer briefs.


Look at him now!


In less than a month, he made it happen. He looks thinner and fitter and hunkier and, uh, pointier. Maybe it was the hours at the gym. Or the cocktail of Clen and Stan to highlight the muscles well and dry. Whatever he did, Anthony is back to his old hot form!

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  1. he’s really cute and handsome for me. i don’t find him fat. he’s really full of sex appeal. i wanna take him home.

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