Hot Men in the Philippines


It’s the onset of summer already. The weather’s pretty hot, oppressively hot in the city. I’m dreaming of the beach and boys in tight swim trunks. Although the summer heat’s intensifying as temperatures soar in the metro to record levels, model-of-the-moment Junemac is keeping his cool under the oppressive sun, thanks to tiny speedos.

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    1. Cruel. We’re all Pinoys. Kung makalaglag tayo ng kapwa, parang ikaw lang ang malinis. Please use your mind. Maka comment lang, zipper even your thoughts. Its toxic and poisonous.

    2. Hindi cruel nagsabi totoo. I want to be proud of pinoys who did good because of merit not sleeping around!

  1. “Anonymous said…
    Libre!! Walang bayad!! Ahahahahahahaha

    Saturday, 23 March, 2013″

    Halatang di alam nung TANGA na ito! Kelangan pa niya lokohin yung baguhan with a very simple question!


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