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Flashback freaky Friday

Alex1 copyOne of the pioneers in the sex-video-on-the-internet phenom is big and burly cager, rapper and commercial model Alex Crisano. I thought a huge manly man on the post is proper foil for the past few days’ twinky features (although no one is complaining, yet).  Where words fail, the tighty-thin pair of Bench Body underwear speaks.

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    1. hunkS, PP! You’re getting stupider everyday!

      And Alex will NEVER LOVE YOU! Stop b eing delusional, it’s pathetic!

    1. Ano ba tinitingnan mo, yung tattoo niya or nota niya? Kapag ba nasa harap mo na naka-brief lang na ganyan, aarte ka pa? Pwe!

  1. shit eto talaga legit na malaki! yung iba sinasabing daks eh mukhang normal lang naman pero itong kay alex kahit nakaunderwear, halatang daks na! tangina!

  2. humongous – adj. extra large. Used in a sentence. I’m not sure if that humongous mass between Alex’s legs is real or just prosthetics.

  3. Yung sex video nya e noon pa yun. Sila ni Ethel Booba at pinaglalaruan ni Ethel titi nya!!! Laki nga!!!

  4. 20k booking fees nyan
    pwede na at 10k pag ora de peligro na!
    (e.g, kailangan pambili ng gatas ng anak, tubig, kuryente deadline)

  5. Dati pabook yan at 25,000
    Ngayon mura na lang at 5,000 kaso kaaktakot baka pagnakawan ka hahaha malaking mama pa naman..

  6. Alex and Ethel’s sex video scandal was so 2007. May bagong video scandal itong si Alex na mas recent, I got a screencap from twitter but can’t find the actual vid yet.

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