Friday Man

Rounding up this week’s cast of current underwear models in the country is fly-in hottie Alejandro Corzo Suarez. He’s 26 years old and from Asturias, Spain. He has been modeling since he was 13 years old, from New York City to Europe and Asia.

46 thoughts on “Friday Man”

  1. ay.oh diba vumawi k n teh rd…..IKAW N!…sayo n ang trono….manang…manang extra all u can mga teh…teh myrna tabi tayo…go!

  2. “MYRNA MALIBOG said…


    Friday, 29 June, 2012″


    Di naman papayag yung Kastila. =p Di ka naman papatulan nun. Hahahahaha

  3. When u meet him in person i’m sure mag “TITING-TING-TING” ang Gay Radars nyo… Mas babae pa sya sa inyo! Believe me!!!
    Look at d picture where he’s wearing white brief. Confirm na confirm!!!

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