Hot Men in the Philippines


ivoThere’s a new Bench Body model (who was in town) and his name is Ivo Buchta! The Austrian model was flown in for the holiday collection. With that stocking stuffer, he’s really going to deck your halls!

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    1. Vietnam Thorn, please leave your sick twisted mind in your home and with your family and…

      SHUT DA FUCK UP!!!

  1. Here’s my usual spiel:

    Someone please email me at or i would love to have him. Tell him im from bay area san francisco and i recently bought a 480k dollar 3 bedroom house. Itā€™s not a hollywood superstar mansion but i sure can afford a hundred of thousands of dollarsā€¦m You know what i mean gaya. Please email me, anyone.

    1. Marami naman hot guys katulad nyan sa San Francisco madam. Hindi mo pa kailangan gumastos. Bigay mo nalang kaya sa amin yang hundred thousand dollars mo. Itatayo namin yan ng mga silid aralan (Char!) diba mga beks?

      1. Delusional lang yan, teh! Dali kase mag-claim dito sa internet kaya uso ngayon mga satire-sites and bogus news sites.

    2. Pakshet ka bakla ka. Kung cash mon binili yang $480k house mo, eh hindi naman. Naka mortgage ka bakla ka. Tapos u claim u can afford hundreds of thousands of dollars. BAKLA KA! POTAH KA

    3. Sige na madam. Bigay mo na sa amin ang hundred thousand dollars mo para naman maitayo na namin ng mga silid aralan rehabilitation centers.

        1. Third, Fourth and Infinity TAE ka!


          Retaliate na si “rara” Baklush na Supalpal!

          Wait for it…Waaaaiiiiiiiittt fooooor iiiit!!!

  2. OMG may gumagaya sa akin. bitch gaya ng idol malandi at patapik tapik lang. Fuck you šŸ™‚

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