Remember the hunky Ronnie Golpeo, the one who won Mr. Friendship in the Mister World-Philippines search last year? The 23-year-old part-time model is back in a post-Christmas shot, and he looks hot! Brown and beefy, Ronnie Golpeo exemplifies the handsome Filipino male. He is an Education student at the Philippine Christian University, where he is a varsity player and a “diligent student.”

19 thoughts on “Golpeo!”

  1. This guy has done a great job shaving his head…and his pubes. His balls look clean. I wonder: did he shave it by himself, or with the aid of a twinky someone? No matter: scrotum is the “sac of life” and gay partners make sure they lick these jewels carefully. Men’s hygiene now includes grooming the pubes and the balls. A clean, smooth scrotum is inviting, and begs to be touched, and licked again..and again.

  2. What nice wakeuppers. Ronnie Golpeo takes a cue from Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct” and gives us a sly peek. Great way to tease. However, I’d like to suggest to Demure to download the picture and blow up the crotch first before waxing poetic. It is not a “clean, smooth scrotum (that) is inviting, and begs to be touched.” It is the glorious cock itself that begs to be licked and then swallowed whole. If it looks “clean” and “shaved,” it’s because it’s the glans itself, the shiny head of the penis in repose, and not one of the otherwise wrinkly balls.

    Matt Drilon (previous entry) does not engage in subtle seduction. The worm’s eye view immediately shows, bright and clear, his ready-to-be-sucked member. You’re lying in bed and he’s about to thrust his cock into your hungry, salivating mouth. The diameter of his tasty sausage would indicate that the eater may have to stretch a wider “O” in his mouth para kumasya.

    Thank you, RD, and more, more, more, please!

  3. may nakita ako sumilip. hehe.

    i like the idea of the pic na parang nasa bahay lang siya at nakikipagchat. like, it so candid.

    demure wala pa ring namimigay sa akin ng number ni ram ace.

  4. Hi Anonymous (February 9, 2008 12:28 PM):

    Thanks for the correction.

    I looked closely and you’re right, it’s the “glorious cock” itself, hahaha. Now, RD, could you show the whole package – Ronnie’s sausage and eggs – in your next post?

  5. education?

    meaning his going to teach after studying?!

    GOD I WANT TO STUDY AGAIN HAHAHA kahit HS pa yun basta prof ko siya at homeroom adviser XD

  6. demure,

    parang gusto mo ng breakfast from ronnie. sausage and eggs. hehehe. dagdagan ko pa ng milk. complete breakfast ka na meron.

  7. masaya rd…meron pa bang ibang shots nya???? post mo uli plzzzzz….mizz ko na ang dick-a-day series mo kapatid…sana first si ram ace for the year!!!!thanx…more power ang more post…..

  8. hi john aspen! sorry but i don’t take milk for breakfast. i prefer the strong aroma of brewed barako coffee, and i want it served by hunky ronnie golpe—-OOOHHH!!

  9. demure, lactose intolerant ka? the term barako is like, very manly and so native. hehe.

    kahti ano basta siguro kung si ronnie magseserve sa ‘yo ng breakfast, magigising ka tlg hehe. especially in that attire sa pic niya above.

  10. hi john aspen..i’m lactose intolerant, and that includes that “milk of human kindness” which i’d prefer to pour on my nipples than on my upper orifice hahaha. it’s safer that way too, right?

    ronnie serving me in that get-up? that would be great for valentine’s day.. by the way, does anyone know of any resto or bar where waiters are garbed in seductive short denims? hmm, there was one before near sm north, with the crew garbed in igorot loincloths; i don’t see it anymore.

  11. i’m sure this pic was taken in the house of his live-in gay benefactor. according to co-models and friends of ronnie, it’s confirmed na live-in sila ng gay lover nya na manager ng isang big bank in makati.

  12. So, Anonymous (February 12, 2008 2:06 PM), are you saying Ronnie is gay or just a kept lover who is really straight?

  13. well, i really do not know about that but i want to think that he is straight and is just a kept lover of a gay benefactor. but for ronnie to agree to live-in with this gay banker, he must be enjoying it too. unless he is just using the gay benefactor for his material gains. pero i have a feeling that it is more of gamitan than anything.

  14. very desperate move… di sumisikat, kaya ayan, pakita na lang ang titi. tsk tsk. Titi na lang ba ang meron itong pwedeng patunayan?

  15. korek! may curfew talaga sya sa gay benefactor dahil dun nakatira sa gay si ronnie. live-in sila. kaya during office hours lang nakaka-raket sa ibang basing si ronnie kapag nasa office yung gay.

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