Gratuitous nudity

Aeron1 Aeron2Stick it in your rear, Aeron‘s here! No crudity, just gratuitous nudity! Those are some lines from Naked Boys Singing, and I commenced humming to that tune when I saw these! These are actually promo photos for B-Naked: The Elite Super Model Quest, which will be held on June 20, 2015 at the Music Museum. Judging from the nakedness of it all, the organizers are pretty f$#@! drop-your-pants-and-drawers serious about the contest. Buy your tickets at TicketWorld 891.9999, Music Museum 721.0635  or from Roldan 0905 359.509.

31 thoughts on “Gratuitous nudity”

    1. nice try on channelling adam levine, but his armpit hair is too wild, his face makeup is wrooong, he looked better in other photos; his haircut also looks cheap and doesnt compliment his face which looks very not top model, more like top squatter. but overall, from afar, good try. and we’ve seen too much of him, he doesnt get me horny anymore, unlike allen molina.

  1. Ex nito yung Aika na model daw na me std. Malandi yung babaeng yun. Malamang me std na din tong si aeron. Yuck!

  2. Maliit lang sya hindi katangkaran. Eh ang requirement sa contest e 5’8″ and above. Mga 5’4 lang yata sya bakit kaya sya napasali???

  3. Akala ko ba nagbitaw na sya ng salita na ayaw na nya sumali ever sa mga bikini contest?? ayan kasi!

  4. wala na yata sila ng benefactor nya kasi di ko an nakikita sa building namin dito sa bgc….

  5. Kaerbog sana yung theme and the “kamay” part pero nung nilapit ko sa feslak esp. sa 1st photo, lakas maka”ER” vibe! Ewww na siya, laspag na masyado…

  6. Kamay ng girl Ba ang nakatakip sa nota niya? Mas hot Sana kung kamay ng beki ang nakatakip di Ba?

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