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Happy Weekend! [with Del Felicidario]

“We have only 3 reasons to be truly happy: something to do, someone to love and something to hope for.” That is the blurb in the Friendster account of male mod Rodel Felicidario. Such nice words for the weekend, which surely got some of us thinking, ticking the three things that really make us happy. By the way, 22-year old Rodel is a talent of Mercator Model Management, Inc., and has appeared in the recent Bench Fever Underwear Show and Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Eligible Bachelors list. The soft-spoken 5’10”-tall model has made a quantum leap from his humble origins in the side streets of Caloocan City to the glaring footlights of modeling and showbiz.
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  1. Damn, but he looks HOT! Haven’t seen him at the gym, though.

    So, what happened last night? Did you and UPH…succeed?

    And where did you find these pics of Del?

  2. You should have been there. Backstage. We were not allowed to take photos, though. Succeed? I guess so. UPH told me you have Johnron’s number. Johnron wants to transfer from Golds Gym Galleria to Makati. 🙂 He still goes to that Intramuros gym when he doesn’t have “work”.

  3. Um, I don’t have Johnron’s # at all.

    How did you guys “succeed” when UPH told me that it was all a bust?

    Del seems to have disappeared from the gym altogether and where did you appropriate these new pics of him.

    Johnron doesn’t workout at Golds Galleria coz I’ve never seen him there before.

  4. Johnron said he works out at Golds Galleria when he is in Viva, and in Intramuros when there’s no work.

    UPH didn’t succeed. Haha

    Del’s pics from some sources.

  5. Rodel Felicidario
    Kim Gantioqui
    Mike Tan
    Johnron Tanada
    Miguel Aexel
    Chris Nepomuceno aka Samson

    are just some of those I find HOT!

    UPH knows of others whose names I can’t mention coz…;-)

  6. Forgot about Hermann. 😉

    Doesn’t seem to want to add me up on his Friendster Account’s List of friends. Must be his gf! 😉

  7. he was a student at adamson. i was the one who encouraged him to join the eat bulaga contest where he was discovered as a model. cute sya noon pero payat na payat. mabait si del. kilala pa kaya nya ako na dating teacher sa skul na yun.

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