ben10 ben11Speaking of beauty pageants, this one went under the radar. Ben David Hitchcock of the Philippines won the Mr. Pancontinental 2015 title a month ago. In the multitude of male models and wannabes in the local scene, this 30-year-old stands out for his unconventional beaut and of course, those muscles bulging in their proper places!

benHSo gaze and be amazed!

47 thoughts on “Hitchcock”

  1. Unlike that disgusting, spammer “tony”, I respect this hunk of a man!

    Kaya ikaw “tony”, pumunta ka nalang sa mga gay bars! For once in your life, baka dun ka pa maging LUCKY!

  2. Unlike that fake and disgusting “tony”, I admire this very hot, male specimen.

    Kaya ikaw “tony”, pumunta ka nalang sa isang gaybar “pre/bro” para maka-score ka na ng mga cheap-ass callboys!

    Perfect for a cheap-ass spammer like yourself!

      1. true.. yan ung nambabash ke tony… gmwa ng fake account.. bitterness tlga…. nakakasuka…ignore nlng papansin wla cgro nanochebuena kaya until now baklang gutom p din..

    1. the Real TOny and […] are the same person, parehong stalker ni tony na hindi makamove on sa ginawang pambabasted ni tony sa kanya

      Ateng Ampalaya […] wala ka ba kaibigan?

  3. Inaantay ko ang comments ng mga scientists (mahilig magimbento) dito. “Natikman ko na to” “Jowa yan ni Rey Pamaran or Deo Edrinal” “Pabooking etech”

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