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Hump Day Boy

Speaking of daring young’uns, this one’s a prime example. Here’s a preview of bikini open veteran John Canterbury in a daring shoot. John started early joining countless bikini competitions. He has also appeared as a shirtless, denim-shorts-clad lead in an indie flick called Hardiner [The Gardener]. More photos soon.

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  1. Bakit kasi trip ng iba dyan na magpa-tattoo lalo na kung wala namang pelekes o peklat na kailangang itago? Maipagmamalaki ba yan at babagay pa rin 10, 20, 30 and so on years from now?

    1. Bka mahilig sa polyester or nylon underwears. . Mga bekis, ibili nyo na ng cotton low-rise, kahit Bench lang, kung hindi nyo afford CK. . LOL

  2. Nagpapabottom din sya. Yun lang, halata mo na sanay na sanay sya magpatira (yup, double penetration) despite his innocent looks.

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