Hunks day and night

JohnnyDidn’t I mention before that a month without a John or Sam feature in this site is like 30 days of night?  In the morning I would like to see John in all his nakedness. Fresh and smelling of laundered sheets from a restful night in bed.

SammyAt night, Sam Ajdanii would be my man. His musky scent will be all over the place. Despite an oversaturation of Sammy images in his underwear, we can’t seem to never get enough of this 6’2″-tall hunk. John, too. And then again, covering up these men with clothes would be one of life’s little tragedies in this part of the world.

32 thoughts on “Hunks day and night”

    1. Hope is eternal, but I wouldn’t count on it. They’ll just yell, “FUCK OFF, BAKLUSH!”


  1. its really tragic if both of them have their clothes on, they’re much better looking in bikinis wth vpl. i would luv to sleep with both men together.with their cocks in my mouth and in the morning, i will have two jumbo hotdogs and four eggs.

    1. punta ka na lang sa grocery teh. meron ding hotdog at eggs doon. mabibili mo sa abot-kayang halaga.

    2. You’re better off buying hotdogs and eggs, baklush. Sobra kang mag-ilusyon.


  2. Thanks, Sir RD! This really make my day complete. I’m happy to see John and Sam on your blog. More power!

      1. Baklush, natatanggal na yung yero nung bahay niyo, umakyat ka uli ng bubong niyong tagpi tagpi at ayusin ang mga pabigat na hollow blocks at gulong!

  3. Mas nasasarapan ako kay Sam. Parang lalaking lalaki at musky ang amoy! Sarap kantutin at himurin ng gago!

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