Hot Men in the Philippines


Well, not all fly-in models in Manila are from Brazil. Here’s one from Slovakia – 28-year-old Igor Vican. The 6’1″-tall hunk has been modeling around Asia for the past couple of years. He arrived in the Philippines middle of 2011 and has since stayed. He’s one of the more in-demand models these days – in TVCs, fashion editorials and runways.
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  1. i love the creamy smooth skin! would like to lick it all over! and the nicely ripped abs…..oohhhh…..having orgasm very early in the morning! hehehe

  2. Anonymous said…
    ampanget naman ng paa na yan.

    Korek ka jan..Pampasira ng eksena yang palo palo…este driftwood na yan! Pero yummy si Igor, in fairness.

  3. seriously? the legs? the feet?

    the horror! fish net stockings would have helped a lot in making it look rouge-sexy while covering those veins and the legs don’t even match the guy its stepping on, my god. if you’re gonna take just a picture of someone’s leg at least pick someone with better legs, or at least cover it up with something. the dominatrix theme on this is kind of ruined.

  4. wowowee. yummy indeed. love to bring down that sexy briefs using my tongue, then licking that balls and penile shaft…

  5. Class A itich. Certified prime rib. sing juicy ng angus, sing tender ng wagyu. for choor di afford ng mga palengkerang bakla dyan.

  6. mas masarap ang supot basta malinis like most young european men. maraming pinoy doctors hindi marunong magtuli ng clean cut. laging may mga ugly skin scars at extra hanging skin!if i were to decide again, i would prefer to be uncut. mas sensitive, mas yummy for sex!

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