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AlexDespite the filtering, Alexander Diaz really looks good in person. If you have a thing for young and twinky boys, then Alex is your thing. He may not be that popular yet on TV, as he has taken bit player roles only, but he is surely heating up the summer even more with his extra-brash shirtless and short-shorts moves.

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  1. it would have been so much hotter if he’s in skimpy bikinis with that pose but still nakakautog pa rin ng tarugs at super yummy si pre alex.

    1. Apparently nobody from the modelling industry really cares for your comments and suggestions. You understand?

      Why don’t you take your sicko mind elsewhere like the toilet bowl, which is right for you.

      1. Hay nako, finally, someone who thinks like me! You are SO RIGHT! Let’s tell our drivers to pry open the manhole sa street and lets push that Sick Tony into the hole and seal it again so he can’t escape na! And while we’re at it, while he is stuck inside, spray tear gas narin!

          1. Really? Ok, then tell me which part of my earlier comment have errors! Can’t you just fuckin’ take a glass of poison milk tea and rid this world of one kadiri shit head?

          2. Oh and one more thing, I’m a Girl! Some old timers here might remember me when I was using a different alias : “A.W.”.

            Yes, I’m back! 😉

        1. Lets should be let’s. Put a comma between ‘street’ AND ‘and’. Don’t start your sentence with “And”. Hahaha!

          1. I agree with the need of a comma to separate the two clauses, but conjunctions can definitely be used at the beginning of sentence.

          2. Not “and”, which is a coordinating conjunction. On the other hand, you can start a sentence with a subordinating conjunction. For example: When you know your grammar, you’re not necessarily a 50-year okd faggot.

          3. Anonymous says:
            May 5, 2016 at 8:45 am

            Not “and”, which is a coordinating conjunction. On the other hand, you can start a sentence with a subordinating conjunction. For example: When you know your grammar, you’re not necessarily a 50-year okd faggot.


            You have a point, Cheetah!
            The faggot who knows his grammar well is not necessarily 50 years old, he can be in his 80’s for all we know.

          4. Anonymous says:
            May 5, 2016 at 8:45 am

            Not “and”, which is a coordinating conjunction. On the other hand, you can start a sentence with a subordinating conjunction. For example: When you know your grammar, you’re not necessarily a 50-year okd faggot.


            One more thing, CheeTAE!
            Grammar grammar shit ka diyan, you can’t even spell the world OLD!

            O.L.D., hindi O.K.D., ungas!

        2. tenses mo iha… haaayyy kakaunti nga lang ang napag aralan mo eh nde mo pa magamit ng maayos… nde ko alm kung ikaw o ang guro mo ang dapat limusan ng awa…kung nde kaya wag ipilit…baka nga talagang hinahanap ka na ng amo mo…haha

          1. Really? Then you must be over 50 years old, you ancient Faggot! The only people who would identify those “mistakes” are bored old gays who play mahjong while talking about their escapades during the 80’s (which is kinda creepy because the Men they are gushing about are probably already dead by now). OMG, why am I even talking you scary people like you?

        3. Gaga. Kaya mali-mali ang grammar, ayaw mo ng corrections. Di ba ikaw rin ang nanghamon ng : Aber, as an ang mga mali ko? Eh di, na-korekan ka tuloy, bobang bakla.

          1. Oh sweetie! It’s so nice to hear from you! I’d thank you and show appreciation if only I understood what you were saying in your comment. But, sadly, I don’t get what you are trying to say. 😉 MWAH! 😉

        4. BOBA! Typo ang okd (for okd). Hindi grammar yon. BOBA! Hahaha! Ganyan ang mga walang alam at nagdudunongdunongan. BOBA!

        5. In that regard, you can’t spell “word” either, when you wrote, “You can’t even spell the world old.” Serves you right, parlorista!

          1. Ahm, that was a trap, you idiot!
            And ikaw naman, being the bored and jobless gay that you are, napansin mo agad! Hahah!

          2. That was a trap? I can’t believe that. An idiot like you who resorts to vitriols and tirades is the moronic type who commits grammatical errors, because you’re basically that: BOBA! Hahaha!

          1. Tanga! I didn’t care that you left and came back. You weren’t missed. You, too, can share that poisoned milk tea, if that’s all you can afford. Impoverished bitch. Understand, too, I didn’t care that you left and came back. Ulol ka rin! Hahaha!

          2. Boom!!! Panes si Gumamela Star na mapagpanggap na marunong! Nilamon sya ng sarili nyang kagagagahan!

  2. Gay or straight… I don’t care. He’s hot and sexy and appealing. So much more appealing than the “straighter” arrows in the business.

    1. True ito. Kaloka naman kasi si markki iba’t ibang boys ang nagsleesleepover sa condo every night nung di pa sila ni christian V.

      1. Correct teh! Madalas ko makita si alex dun dati tapos naging si ahron villena. Sex pa more! Mga pamintang bakla sa showbiz tapos pag na chismis sila sila pa galit. Sosobrang harot naman. Teh gabi gabi yan andun si ahron sa condo si markki.

  3. kung totoo man na gay siya, hindi nya obligasyon na aminin sa inyo na ganun nga sya. gays, grow up!

  4. Hayaan nyo na si Alex.. he’s just making a living kagaya nyo. Eh ano naman mapapala ninyo mga mahaderang bakla kung umamin sya na gay sya??? yayaman ba tayo? hindi po di ba?

    1. Hay nako, you are so right! All these pakialamera kalye gays should just shut up! I wonder how they can even pay for internet minutes to access this site! Layas nga kayo! Bwisit!

      1. Grammar mo Bakla! Anobey! Mag Tagalog ka na lang kasi ng di nasusupalpal! Kakahiya, LOL!

        1. You don’t know what you are talking about, darling! And more importantly, you don’t know who you are messing with! I know where you live and I know you are wearing an ugly and very gay looking polo shirt right now with sleeves poorly folded upwards! Now, fuck off and hide while you can! I’m sending a Unicorn to pierce you right through your empty heart!

        2. Oh hi sweetie! Oh my goodness! Did I make some grammatical errors? Oh, I’m so sorry about that! I didn’t mean to type a comment with some errors. It must have been the wine I was drinking when I made my last comment. I was enjoying a sip of my £122,380 limited edition 12-litre bottle of Chateau Margaux 2009 which I acquired in Dubai last year. But I’m sober now. I’m sure you are a pretty and sweet Goddess! MWAH! <3

          1. Anonymous says:
            May 8, 2016 at 11:54 am

            Nobody’s impressed! Scram.


            Pake ko, Anonymous! You don’t have the right to argue with me!

          2. I don’t have the right to argue with you? Says who? The last time I checked, the Philippines still is a democracy. Freedom of speech and expression, idiot!

  5. Daming bitter tuwing siya ang ipopost. I’m sure, mga chaka ung mga bitter magcomment tuwing may pinopost na hot!

  6. Magagaling lang mag comment ang mga nega na yan kasi mahihirap pa sila sa dagang mahirap hahaha!

  7. sexy lean muscles. luv it!
    kasuya na kasi mga mashadong malaking katawan na konti nalang muka na palaka.

  8. He does exhibit some symptoms of being PLU. but i don’t care. still cute, fresh looking twink with just the right muscles.

  9. Wala na sila ni Markki tsaka fubu lang sila, hindi sila naging mag ON no!!! Sila na ngayon nung anak ni Papa Pioling lagi silang magkasama alam na!!!

  10. Maarte kasi sya magsaloita kaya namimisinterpret sya na beki, or weno naman kung beki basta mabait sya at walang inaapakan na tao no!

    1. Gaga. Ang dami nang pamintang chinupa yan, misinterpret pa rin? Sabagay may mga straight guys nga naman na mahilig humada.

  11. His down to earth personality is really loveable and makes him sexier, while his body gets even more appealing by the day.

  12. OMG! Crush na crush ko siya.Lagi ko siyang inaabangan sa myx kese hes so cute.Kaso medyo off siya as a vj kese di masyado modulated speaking voice niya mejo pinipigil niya.Pero sa looks ok siya.


  13. Trying hard. Ang panget niya sa personal at pag walang make up. Madaya din ang photo hindi naman ganyan ang katawan niya sa personal. Hello?

  14. Well im not surprised if you have bullying attitude kese nga you live in the squatters area and youre exposed to crime and pullution kaya pati ugali mo naaapektuhan…


    1. OMG! I don’t have bullying attitude ah! When did I ever bash anyone? I’m simply expressing myself! I’m just following the advice of Madonna, who famously preached “Express Yourself”! PRAK!

        1. Ikaw, convince yourself that you are really a bakla! OMG, how ambisyoso of you! No one as ugly as you can qualify for being a bakla! Hahaha!



          2. Hoy Renesme, the UGLY ONE! The reason I have the right to be bitchy is because I’m pretty and rich! I have enough credit line to be maldita! Pero ugly people like you need to be nice, kasi that is your only hope of having at least one positive thing about yourself, PRAK!!!!!

          3. Rich, my ass! Rich people have breeding, class, and manners! You don’t. Therefore, you ain’t rich. Prove you’re affluent.

          4. Enough credit line, a..hole? If you’re crazy rich, what need have you of credit cards? The real rich pays in cash with his/her debit cards that are directly linked to his.her checking account. So every transaction s/he makes is as good as cash. You, on the other hand, use credit cards to transact. So in effect, yoU OWE money. TONTA! Di lang halatang poor, halata ring BOBA at feeling rich. Hey, 80% of Filipinos can apply for credit cards with sky-rocketing credit line. You’re not the blessed one. Hahaha!

          5. Kawawang nilalang na Gumamela Star! Nalanta! Loko! Galing magmagaling! So, how does it feels to taste your own medicine! Hahahahah!

  15. Girls! May mairerecommend ba kayo na boylet na makukuha ko sa halagang 1k? yung go all the way sana. Salamat sa mga matinong magrereply. 🙂

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