Hot Men in the Philippines

In Red

Because we can never get enough of Hunky Long Legs. Because we always get bombarded in the mail with images of this model in underwear. And because this model-of-the-moment is taking the spotlight most of the time shirtless [and in a pair of briefs], here’s another serving of Vince, sexy on a bright Monday!
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  1. Tang ina ilang beses ko nang pinagjakulan ang mga pics ni Vince dito at heto na naman. Kakaerbog talaga si Vince Ferraren.

  2. Sa esac po yan. noong pfw s/s 2013. rumampa din diyan sina June Macasaet, Randy Cailles na naka esac trunks din. I hope makita at mapost mo yun rd.

  3. parang hindi proportion sa laki ng katawan ang ulo niya. the head (yung nasa taas ha) is disproportionately small

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