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Here’s another Brazilian male model in our midst – Robson Costa. Tall fair and handsome Robson has been in the county for quite some time, quietly making tv commercials, photo shoots and print ads. He has also done the runway shows for A-list designers. Although he’s busy as a [becoming] bee for various projects in the metro, the 6′-tall Robson has never quite achieved the relative popularity of the Nipo-Brasileiros who came to town like Aki and Hideo. I wonder why.

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  1. baka naman di nagamit ng mga bading or nagpagamit to be more specific kaya di masyadong pinaguusapan. opinyon lang.

  2. Oh my, he’s a dead ringer of Chuck Bass. Sarap! Didn’t y’all know na most South American guys especially Brazilians had the most perfect-shaped cock. Take note, dakela pa ineng. Pwamiz, sarap upuan at tilian!

    Yun na!

  3. may kamukha siya di ko lang talaga maalala. but he looks nice and sexy maski hindi Asiano ang dating noh!

  4. they look ordinary in brazil but in the phils they are hot commodities, back in brazil this guys could be jobless or job hunting, in the phils are gainfully employed. if you were him why would stay in your own country just like filipinos working abroad? ironic and sad but true.

  5. cute sha and sexy. pero tama yung nag comment sa taas, parang ordinary lang sila sa brazil pero dito they are extra ordinary. sabagay matangkad sila at maganda katawan at finely chiseled ang katawan. kumpara naman sa ibang models kuno dito na local na ayaw mag ayos.

  6. What anonymous July 14, 2009 3:25 AM and renee said is true. Back in their own home countries, these guys will definitely look ordinary. In fact, for a first timer traveler, punta ka sa (let’s say) Eastern Europe, tulo laway mo sa dami ng hunks na para sayo, ang naglalaro sa isip mo palagi, dapat nag artista to, dapat nag artista to, eto dapat model to, eto dapat nasa commercial. And yet, dun wala lang, baka nga jobless pa siya.

    And then you realize that kaya rin maraming pinoys na umaalis ng bansa. Kasi sa sariling bansa natin, di na natin kayang i absorb ang naguumapaw na talento ng sarili nating kababayan. And I don’t only refer to artists, actors/actresses but in general, the working populace.

    Sorry guys…na out of topic pa ata.

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