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fernandoWe always love a beautiful man in our shores. That is why Puerto Rican model Fernando Alvarez is well appreciated in this side of the pond. We also love titles and his being Mister Puerto Rico, Puerto Best Male Model, Mr. International 2016 Top 10 semifinalist and Mister World 2016 1st runner-up  are cherries on the sundae.

58 thoughts on “In Town”

    1. Vietnam Thorn, you’re just spouting nonsense as always! You’ve no proof that Fernan will be taking up Tagalog lessons as you claim nor did he say that he enjoys pancit and turon.

      You’re rally FULL OF SHIT, sho just SHUT THE FUCK UP, okay?

            1. No need, Vietnam Thorn. Time for you to get flushed away like all the other baklushes that no longer comment.


    1. Booking na naman.

      Kung kanto boy nga namamhalan ka na, eto pang foreigner?!

      Magpakantot ka nalang sa tatay mo, bakla!


        1. Self-depreciation ka naman, Bakla! Pretending to be “another Anonymous” baklush kase supalpal ka!


  1. foreners are better teh! pinoy ang chaka sa bed. di magaling teh. tingin ka lang ng pinoy porn chaka na eh! lols dun nako sa imported!

    1. Oo. Makikita mo siya sa BOOKstore like National BOOKstore tsaka sa BOOKsale.

      Gets mo, Baks?


    1. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Sa dami ng tao at expats and even mestizos eto pa talaga “nakita” mo?

      Oh ayan, me nagcomment na sa story mo.

      Happy ka na?

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