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It’s a Monday and I’m too lifeless to make a post yet.

The pageant season is not over yet as Neil Perez, the Philippines’ first Mister International, ushers in the, well, Mister International contest this month in Bangkok. Time to drool over the hunky contestants then, including our rep Miguel Guia and Brazil’s Ivo Cavalcanti.

A bit of gossip: Kirk Marmoset was spotted with Raving Tsunami in a famous zip code abroad. Punch drunk love or mere friends exploring the nether regions of the place?  Has Kirk truly gotten over that heartbreak with Shrivel Antacids? Does Raving Tsunami still hate me?

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  1. Kirk marmoset (MS)- singer
    Raving Tsunami (MA) – half of a 90s leading loveteam
    Shrivel Antacids (CV)- non showbiz looks like a very rich guy

    1. Kirk marmoset = Markki Stroem
      Raving Tsunami = Marvin Agustin
      Shrivel Antacids = Christian Valdes
      Tama ba???

  2. Mga beks..napanood nio ba ung viral na kissing video ni Chokoleit? ang tindi ng sikmura nung guy…kadiri…kahit gaano ka talaga kapangit basta may pera ka may papatol sayo

    1. teh napanood ko sa youtube (age-regulated nga yung video) ibig sabihin nakakabagabag yung kissing nila teh. tingin ko gimmick e para maka-advance sa showbiz entry si handsome guy.

    1. Anu beh hindi sila bagay noh! Christian and Markki were a cute couple kasi parehong sosy ang aura nila bagay na bagay! Eh si Marvin kahit rich na, jejemon pa rin ang arrive noh! Balikan na lang nya ang fellow jejemon na si Ken Alfonso!

  3. Markki Stroem and Marvin Agustin a couple? That’s actually a better pairing compared to that gold digging famewhore who went after Marvin before. At least Markki comes from a good family and is educated.

  4. May tsismis pala si RD tungkol kina Marvin at Markki. Haha. Kaya pala may post ka kay marvin kahapon. . Well, theyre happy then we are all happy too. Right?

    1. The police and his manager are a good match too. They are silent but you can feel the affection. Spread the love.

  5. The last four nights are beautiful memories to me. Thus, I can see the happiness in your BI. let them be, love. Ang sarap magmahal at mahalin, iyon ang pinakamahalaga.

  6. Rd kaloka ang BI mo ha!.
    … Ito talaga ung significant change eh. Ung mga lalaki nuon, lalaki na rin ang gusto ngaun…. Pano na ung mga beks na beks? Matinding labanan to!.

  7. Hindi na magkakabalikan sina Markki and Christian kasi todo away na sila nagsolian na ng gamit, sayang bagay pa naman sila

  8. Yuck yung Marvin Agustin at Markki Stroem! Super yuck talaga!! Hanap na lang si Markki ng ka-match niyang kasing hot niya.. Try international, caucasian kumbaga na kasing tangkad at built niya.. Gandang combination nila nun..

  9. Love wins! Im happy for them pero itong si Markki is playful kasi eh. Marvin is a good catch na since he has money and ok naman itsura

  10. wow nice naman na news, at least masaya sila pareho. YOLO! Live the moment! Kebs na sa haters and bashers basta masaya!!!

    1. Totoo. When you found love, everything stops. Even the bashing here would be irrelevant. You will just have to say: galing ka RD for getting the nicest secret and making it public; but true love, it is. Love rules.

    2. Ikaw kasi teh pioling, masyado mo pinaninidigan pagiging miyembro ng hunks. Laos na kayo eh, kayo its time lower the cape and fly! Haha. Out ka na kc teh!

  11. On the contrary, ma swerte si Markki kay Marvin no! Marvin is a good catch he is stable and may businesses na!!! Magaling sa pera.

  12. Bkit kc di i-share ung link ng jerk-off vid ni Neil, based from many who have seen it, tiny lang daw talaga… cnung manager nia na taga PEPPS??? (d 1 Neil shows too much “affection” daw…)

    1. Beautiful line. Thats a good reply in a Miss Universe question, ‘what is your view on trans women as candidates forthe crown?’

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