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Jakey Goes To The Circus

What’s a Bench Body campaign without the resident exhibitionist? Come hell or ugly butt, Jake Cuenca is given his spotlight in the underwear company’s ads and shows. After all, he’s the most favored and loyal of them all. All, of course,  refers to the bulge-baring male models of yore who lorded it over Bench Body in the not-so distant past. Isn’t he still a hottie?
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  1. tight na tight ang brief. kaya nagmukhang malaki. ang totoo payat at maliit lang ang etits nyang si jake. i should know. bwahahahaha

  2. Kung Hindi maliit bakit patay2 si Ben Chan sa kanya? hahaha , maliit tignan sa,ga picture kasi Hindi pa tigas , mga …… 🙂

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