JC and Ervic together in Bora

JC Tiuseco [left] and Ervic Vijandre were always together in the island paradise because they belong to the same modeling agency, that’s why. Last Holy Week [topmost photos] JC [5’11”, San Sebastian College baller] and Ervic [6’2″, De La Salle U baller] were inseparable during the day and at night time when they, for instance, attended the three major parties on Black Saturday. As opposed to their Holy Week vacation, JC and Ervic were again spotted [bottom photos] last April, this time working – as in doing a fashion show for the clothing brand Penshoppe. 

12 thoughts on “JC and Ervic together in Bora”

  1. bagay sila if ever 🙂

    i like Ervic, for me he’s cuter and hotter, i’m not into abs, i like Ervic’s tummy, yummy!

  2. bench models becoming penshoppe models….no lockout? 🙂 guess they won’t be in the next bench show.

    isn’t ervic the ex bf of marian rivera?

  3. thank you roserenzo for the priceless pic of piolo’s armpit. i hopr mr. rd dantes will post it here.

  4. i was in boracay during the holy week and saw them totally inseparable. i think theyre PLU and i think theyre together. what do you guys think?

  5. no comment onbeing PLU. anyway, i like the pubic hair from ervic’s belly button down to his pubes. but why is it that i loose all appetite when i leanr that they are from la salle? they are good looking, hot and all but there is something in them that i cannot identify that makes me loose all interest. no offense to those from la salle, i think the la salle models featured not jsut here are all hot and good looking.

  6. Bromance – the new term for guys that are straight but just too close for comfort for some

  7. Nakakakiliti pag sinasabing two good-looking guys are inseparable. They obviously enjoy each other’s company, if not each other’s body. Haay, I wish sila na nga. Ganda noon.

  8. john aspen.. loose is a completely different word, ok? you should know when to use it, and be responsible enough to check your comments before posting them.

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