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Jet Rai, active in showbiz again

After his much-publicized past as a model-turned-hermit-in-the-mountains, Amarjit Rai aka Jet Rai aka Jet Alcantara is back in showbiz, although without the fanfare. The 6’3″-tall model-turned-actor just wrapped up the critically praised digital movie, Ataul [Coffin]: For Rent. The last movie he did prior to this was the queer flick Bathhouse in 2005, where he bared some skin. Jet Rai started out as a model, and always the first runner-up in male contests such as the SM Man of the Year in 1997 [he lost to a fresh-faced medical student named Charles Constantino] and the Mr. World-Philippines. He was said to have gone to the hills and practiced the life of a hermit before going back to do Bathhouse.
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  1. this guy has been the subject of quite a lot of nasty rumors (totoo kaya ang mga itu?) sana this time around, he gets to befriend his razor so that he can get back that clean, oh-so fresh look. mas bebenta ka totoy. LOL

  2. monday bought bathouse vcd for $3.99 (sale). jet played well his role as the goodlooking, aging, egoistic, flirt gay sex maniac. i checked to find more info on jet but no luck. lo and behold -saturday HMP posted him. thanks rd. incidentally, the movie sucks. i flushed it in the toilet.

  3. what mountain did he recluse himself? looks like it is a spa in the swiss alps. he is now buffed, coiffed and aestetically clean. good luck to him – he has potentials of a great actor.

  4. my gut feel says jet is a closet gay. his being a hermit could be his way out, a form of denial..but no matter, he remains succulent – and exotic as his indian forebears.

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