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John James Uy has no pretensions….

…of being wholesome and all. He declared in a magazine interview that he is willing to pose with just his skivvies on as he had the body to show off. John James Uy is the 5’10”-tall commercial model who was the first to be eliminated at the Be Bench Finals Night held recently. However, he was the first among the finalists to get a deal with the ABS-CBN network as he was cast as the third wheel of a popular love team in the Lovespell series.
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  1. vahket itich ang binigyan ng karir? he doesn’t stand out, very plain face. milagro nga at nakapasok sa top 3 ng be bench… then again, the choices were limited to begin with. just look at the winner.

  2. john james looks much better in the bench publicity photos showing him in underwear…

    but let’s go nasty, rd. can you post mat escudero? this guy is said to be the current flame/ MVP of the top honcho of a telephone company, according to my relative who is the personal accountant of another starstruck winner. the rich gay executive, the rumor goes, has gifted him with BMW worth PhP 5M and other perks. hmmm..there may be wealth inside mat’s undies, and this we wanna see.

  3. he is not even hot. Oh god. He has a tummy and doesn’t have rock hard abs, and yet he says that he has a body to show off?


  4. Well, I think he’s hot! I didn’t see the show though coz I’m in the States. Mahirap magkaroon ng katawan na ganyan no! And to those people who’s saying Yuck! He’s not that hot! or whatever… Siguro nakaupo lang kayo diyan magdamag at kain ng kain!

  5. I’m disappointed at Demure for believing and passing on the chismis about Mat Escudero getting BMW and other perks from this much-bashed telephone company top banana. Kahit na relative pa nya yung accntnt, ano naman ang direct link nya kay ni Mr. Executive? Di kaya sinisiraan lang ito ng Starstruck winner or kampo nito?

  6. hi anonymous. i regret if the rumor i passed on somehow unnerved you. i don’t readily buy rumors, you know, that’s why i qualified my comment with “the rumor goes…” for example, there has been a weave of rumors about mr. executive’s alleged lovers, and not one has been confirmed so far. like malacanang, showbiz is like a snakepit and i hope this latest rumor (which, in legal parlance, is a hearsay) will work to his advantage, and make people “curioser” and “curioser” about mat. peace!

  7. O sige na nga, Demure, you made it clear that it’s a rumor. And you’re right about Malacanang being a snake pit. But you know, if you posted this during martial law in the ’70s, when rumor-mongers were supposed to be arrested, lagot ka. Pag nag-martial law ang Lola Glo mo, ngayong high-tech na halos lahat, gagamitin ang bawat intelligence resource ng Palasyo para mahuli ka. Hala. And yes, it’s MART Escudero. Thanks, Chep, for correcting us.

  8. Dine-deny ni Jay Manalo na naging sugar daddy niya si Mr. Telephone Company Hotshot. Ni hindi raw sila magkakilala kaya paano siya mareregaluhan ng Chedeng.

  9. hmm, i am really not so familiar with Channel 7 newbies. so it’s MART, as in WalterMART, or Nepa Q-MART? Mart, which may mean marketing…, may be mart’s special skill, yeah?

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