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Do you remember Andrew Aquino and his luscious cheeks? Well, I do. That’s why I’m posting and sharing a recent photo of him. Last year, he made a breakthrough performance [appearance] in the indie flick Playmates, where he showed a lot of skin. Somebody hire him in the movies again!
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  1. Anonymous said…
    Mas guwapo siya sa mga naunang pics. Hindi maganda gupit niya dito.
    Yes, I agree! Gupit nya last time mukhang young and fresh sya at mas guapo! Sa latest pic nya ngaun mukhang ewan! Pero, post mo pa rin ibang pics nya RD…pls! Kakalibog yong hairy body nya! Jakol time!

  2. Completely agree. He needs to get a hair cut – in all the right places, notwithstanding that nest for an excuse of a head of hair.

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