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Well, Phil Younghusband showed them and wowed them at the recent Cosmo event. He went shirtless and proved to everybody that he’s flawless and sexy. Phil, who just turned 22 last month, is all set with his showbiz and modeling plans this year. Right now, he’s a busy endorser of underwear, shirts and energy drink. Pretty soon, he’ll be joining the soaps and shows of a tv station.
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  1. phil definitely was the standout in this years cosmo centerfolds…….he was a class above the other 8………..he looked smooth ,suave , so GQ . he also had the best body of all the 10 centerfolds……not too thin or too heavy……..toned in all the right places and bulky where it should be….akihiro sato looked like everyones uncle..he is all hype…….flabby and flat…..

  2. hopefully phil will be given more exposures…..magaling na siyang magtagalog ngayon…….sana meron siyang teleserye

  3. more phil please! nakita ko sya sa labas ng NBC tent muntik akong mahimatay ang bango bango nya maski pawis pawis haaay!!!

  4. sa hanford pa din ba sya? kasi yung pictures nya dati sa hanford e naka photoshop na, hindi na kita ang bulge at natural traits nya.

  5. phil looks so yummy , fresh and radiant………..akihiro looks old, para siyang tiyo ni gerald…walang shape ang katawan niya no……flabby , big waist , flat butt…..phil is toned fresh and bulky in all the right places……yung daniel matsunanga naman mahaba ang katawan at short legs……hindi proportioned ang katawan

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