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Twenty-one year-old Miguel Paolo “King” Lopez is the current model for FUSED Clothing Co., where his underwear posters in the store premises are a major come-on for happy patrons. King Lopez is currently a student at the Mapua Institute of Technology, and he does modeling part-time. The 5’8″-tall lad has appeared in tv commercials, most recent of which was the 20th Philippine Ad Congress tvc “First Aid.”
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  1. omg… i always see this guy in Mapua. he is an acrhitecture student and always roam around the locker with his buff body. didn’t think he was a model when i first saw him but i sensed something special about him. to think na nakakasalubong ko lang sya paguwian na, d ko naimagine na model pala sya. for now on ill cherish every moment when i see him

  2. hi anonymous, you a mapuan too? funny story. i have been classmates with him in some minor subjects. he’s got a pleasant personality unlike the other models in school. and for a model, he’s kinda short. lol. ok lang, cute at mabait naman.

  3. Yumm-ae! He looks great at gwapo pa! Haaay nako… parati nalang akong nagdrodrool over sa mag pics! Wala nakong ma say na iba…

  4. wow! mapuan sya tlga?! nakikita q pa lang sa school ay si harry and si abel jimeno! nde sya familiar sakin! alam nyo ba scheds nya?! gusto ko sya makita sa school! hehe!

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