Kwan in Town

See, we have lots of photos today to tide you through the lovely weekend. In town is Mister Hong Kong Kwan Kwai-Kin who is out to get the Mister International 2019 plum. The contest is currently being held in Manila, and I am pretty sure there are many boys out there with their oozing manhood on display but this one gets my attention for now. Don’t you think he’s gorgeous?

46 thoughts on “Kwan in Town”

  1. He’s bottom. From Hong Kong here and he’s known to like Caucasian men. Good thing his roommate in the competition is half-Caucasian, half-Asian, who is a top. Imagine the fun they’d have when in their hotel bedroom.

    1. Dami namang alam nitong anak ng putang talunang baklang toh! Sige na nga, ikaw na ang all knowing bakla! All knowing nga, BAKLA NAMAN! O hala, everyone, cheers for the All Knowing Fag!

    2. Alam mo bakla wala kaming pakialam kung ano man ang nalalaman mo. Gusto mo lang kasi mag yabang eh. Pa as if na magaling kang baklita ka. Baklang walang nang ginawa kundi mag chismis. Tse!

  2. Sana may pinoy actor ngaun na kayang gawin ung mga ganitong pictorial,hello 2019 dapat open na ang Ph sa ganitong daring pictorials, anyway, I want derrick M. to this kind of pictorial.

  3. mas yummy katawan niya sa mga pics na naka t-briefs siya. dun sa naka-bikini briefs manscaped na manscaped! (although me hint pa ng karug). mas masarap yung hairiness niya esp pic #2. ewan ko lang, but i find hairiness in a guy very sexy, samantalang yung iba todo sa kaka-manscape!

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