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Let the sunshine in

Michael SIt’s a shame I haven’t featured Michael Siefert in this site all this time. The Filipino-German model with gorgeous bone structure and the blue steel pout certainly deserves a shout out and his photo here is long overdue.  Perhaps you’ve seen before as the gangly teen in that late lamented midnight show Walang Tulugan. He’s turned out to be such a charmer. Time flies, beauty enhances.

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        1. Booo!! And you couldn’t even type “financially” properly with your high income. How ironic.

          My point is, can’t we stop bashing each other? Ang liit na ng community natin e nag aaway away pa tayo

  1. Ay ang hot ng shoot!! Malinis at madumi at the same time! O di ba, di kelangan ng bukol, ng chumembulin fabrics, contact lens, etc etc. At promising ang model na itey at may pagka-chameleon, from twinkiedoodle to androgynous to borta!

  2. Ba’t hindi kasi ganito ung modelling pics nya…
    He looks better here than his other portfolio pics

    1. Antagal ko nang nakikiliti at nabubulabog sa ‘boses puke’ na term. Ano ba talaga ang tunog? Bakit pagkatabi ko naman sila, e ayaw magsalita! Ano ba, impit at maliit, katulad ng boses ni Mahal or matining at musical, tulad ng boses ni Gerphil Flores? Hahaha!

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