Liking Jerome

In case he looks familiar, he’s the runner-up of Randy Cailles in the Mr. Chinatown competition held a year ago. Twenty-two-year-old Jerome Tan is also going to showbiz town. Along with the winners and losers of the Chinatown contest, he’s in this sing-and-gyrate group called The Chinitos. How apt.

45 thoughts on “Liking Jerome”

  1. Nachupa na yan ni Keren Pascual …poor boys, anything for fame and fortune e pyro OPM naman si Keren hang gang magsawa!

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    outl0strokewidth0 strokec2 Jus ko IHO wala ka bang kaibigan at na punta ka sa groupo nang mga Adik at Reyna nang malate na si TeeJay… Ayan na RD ka tuloy! Tsk Tsk… Choose you’re friend wisely…

  3. saw him in after shower wearing brief ndi siya ganun kaguapo pero sobrang kinis at maganda yung katawan, yung brief niya pa yung mejo tight ung size hehehe kinis ng singit

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