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Love Bug

Speaking of Brazilians, Dani is back on tv as the leading man of that little girl who looks like the outgoing president of the Philippines. On 20 June 2010 [Sunday], Love Bug : Wish Come True will start its airing, and Dani’s getting top billing sans the nudity and controversy, of course. The show is shot entirely in Singapore and the Brazilian hunk portrays a model in the story, along with that tattooed guy Eric Soriano.
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  1. dapat nga matuto na sya magtagalog para lalo pa uunlad career nya. kung pa cute lagi, pagsasawaan din yan ng mga becky.

  2. I agree parang ang bilis nya tumanda sa pic na to. andaming peleges sa mukha na. hindi na fresh tingnan. bakit kaya? na stress siguro sa paglabas ng mga hubad nyang larawan hahahaha

  3. naku ang mga froglita kung makapag-comment na mukhang matanda na si papa daniel ko. e tingnan nyo kaya pagmumukha nyo sa salamin muna noh! daniel can still pass as a teenager sa totoo lang noh!

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