78 thoughts on “Major Teen”

    1. hay lovely dick israel. whatever own this dick should be praise. so courage and goodspirited.. wish i can see cum flowing out from inside.. i wana lick that dick so juicey and tender..

  1. Me too, I’m not attracted to their abs and flat stomach! Even they are naked if they didn’t show their private parts or censored, I never attracted too. Dicks are the most attractive part of boys’ body, second is their face, third is their legs while abs and flat tummy are in bottom.

    1. I’m not attracted to flat stomach and abs only. I’m not attracted to boys who wears board shorts only, not swimming trunks during for their swimwear.

  2. That Chinese-descent boy is a FILIPINO. Chinese Filipinos are different from the Chinese people in neighboring Southeast Asia and China. Why, because of his dick, his foreskin is cut. That’s the typical physical appearance of Pinoy dicks including this Chinese boy named Jerome Tan, their dicks are CUT because of circumcision. You have very great chance to be cut if you are a Filipino. Filipinos are intolerant against intact boys especially towards the intact adult Filipino boys by calling them “supot” or “pisot”. Being cut is the usual sign that he is a FILIPINO.

  3. Ang cute niya. Jutes. Pero cute. Haaaay. Im so conflicted. Pano ba ang magmahal? Kailangan bang nasasaktan? Charaught.

  4. Hindi si Jerome yan!!!! Kaloka kayo!!! Iglesia ni Cristo po so Jerome kaya di po cya gagawa ng mga ganyang bagay. Hula ko si Darren Espanto to

  5. Naku, it doesnt matter naman if that dick is his kasi kahit kanya yan, hanggang tingin lang naman po tayo. Di naman natin yan maaangkin e. Makontento na lang mga ate sa kung anuman ang inihain. Huwag na mag away mga minions, okay? Luv, luv, luv lang tayo dapat.

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