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Man Groovy

David is serving us just the right amount of sexy. Nothing lewd and over the racy top. A little show of skin here, and some bulge there. He’s getting noticed. Thanks to the Bench Body ads he’s doing. After all, every actor has to go through the underwear-photos phase, right?

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  1. nasa celebrity bluff sya kagabi. ang lakas ng sex appeal! nakaloose drawsyring pants sya na bumabakat. kakalibog!!!

  2. Fuck me David! I lick every part of you. I’ll rim that manhole real good and swallow your creamy, sweet, tangy, thick cum.

  3. Di ba marunong photog? bakit ganyan position ng upo nagmumukhang mataba tiyan ng model.
    So unflattering tignan

    1. makapanglait ka kala mo maganda ka. ang gwapo kaya ni david hindi ka lang marunong magappreciate ng tunay na gwapo at sexy. mukha ka kasing imburnal.

  4. david reminds me of a chinoy i encountered in the old capitol theatre along escolta. his complexion was like david’s but his cock & balls were beautifully pinkish. i bet david’s has same color too. i love u david!!!

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