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Bench Body has another new model and they released this hazy BTS image of a sexy behemoth just recently. It turns out, he’s 35-year-old Korean-American basketball player Eric Lee Sandrin or Lee Seung-Jun who made quite a splash here during the FIBA Asian games last August. The photoshoot came as result of a petition filed by rabid fans of the 6’9′-tall hunk who wanted to see him nekkid for the local underwear brand. Wish granted.
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  1. Mga iha, korean…supot na mahaba ang lambi at tumutulo ang naglalangis na kupal…amoy kimchi ang singit..type nyo pa rin?

    1. Clearly di mo alam sinasabi mo. South koreans are generally cicrumcised since they adopted this American culture after the korean war. Duh.

  2. To generalize that Koreans have small dicks is pure ignorance. Wala sa race yan! I have seen naked pics of Koreans who are well-hung. If you want to see a VPL shot of Eric Sandrin, go to the Instagram account of benchtm. Meron dun.

  3. siya ung type ni vice ganda sa korean team nung FIBA!!!in fairness hot siya!!wala naman yan sa length ng penis nasa performance naman yan..take note basketball player yan ang stamina niyan panalong panalo..sampung rounds kakayanin nyan.. #wishfulthinking

  4. Aside from the Philippines, statistics shows that Korea has the highest circumcession rate after the end of world war ll which is not based on any religious belief.

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