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Man of Desire

Model Sam Ajdani may not be washed-up yet, and he’s still showing us he has the goods to stay in modeling for quite a while. He’s even willing to go that low, and I’m wishing he’ll go lower, lowest. It’s okay, Sam’s a bit traditional while some are shameless.  

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  1. I love Sam. i’ve always preferred mature and older looking men, parang wine lang ang mga lalaki gurls, they get better with age.

  2. many years ago nagugwapuhan na ako dito sabi ko napaka gwapong late 30s or early 40s naman nito…
    montik na ko mahulog sa upuan nung malaman kong kakatuntong lang nya ng 20 or a little over 20 at estudyante pa lang pala sa may u-belt…

    he’s hot tho

  3. Time to go daring, starting to be laos already. Hoping he, john and vince will go super daring on this year’s bench show

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