Manly Dish

This is Eirik Lindrupsen, a Norwegian-Thai model who recently appeared in Manila’s runways via the Fashion Week series. The 6’2″-tall hunk has been modeling around the region for quite some time now. He also lists himself as an “actor, life and health coach” in his native land. Hawt!

49 thoughts on “Manly Dish”

  1. parang ang sarap-sarap nya! ganda ng mata! mukhang pinoy! tingin ko okay lang sa kanya ang mag-all the way!

  2. I’d take a leave of absence for him. I’m sure I’d be sore after. Talk about hotness!!!

    -xoxo- ™


    ” Anonymous said…
    Pabooking sya sa Maynila… lalalala

    Thursday, 19 July, 2012″



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