Manly men

Suddenly, the boys just grew up and developed bodies of men. Tommy Esguerra looked like an emaciated young girl when he first entered show business courtesy of the Big Brother slot. These days, he’s a full-bodied male with all the abs and pecs and well, pit hair.

The biggest surprise of the week is figure skater Michael Martinez! The 20-year-old cutie is now bigger and chunkier, a far cry from his figure skater form a couple of years ago. Of course, it’s such a delight to look and gawk at this fine young man. Maybe he’ll do the flips and Axels shirtless in tights, soon?

53 thoughts on “Manly men”

    1. Hunky, thats Michael.

      Si Tommy, he should leave Mijo – as shes the stumbling block of his career.

      1. true wala ako kahit konting pagnanasang nararamdaman kay tommy. mukha siya blanko sa akin. as in wala talaga. di tulad ni michael na noon pa man ay nacucutan na ako sa kanya. ngayon gwapong gwapo ako at naglalaway pa sa kanya.

  1. “Chunky”? Enrique Gil and Paulo Avelino are “chunky.” Michael Martinez may be a little more “beefy” and toned and fit now. But I think “chunky” has a more “fat” connotation. =)

  2. Michael Martinez is hiding his true self with a machismo facade. The guy jerks off on skype with guys. Trust me. Tiny dick though.

  3. Michael MArtinez is hiding his true self with this machismo facade. The guy jerks off on skype with guys. Trust me. He has a tiny dick too.Clean shaven though

  4. kay tommy bagay ang kasabihan na

    “ang lalaking may abs dahil payat, ay walang pinag iba sa babaeng may boobs dahil mataba”

  5. Abs ng kahirapan ‘yang kay Tommy haha

    ‘yang si Michael crush ko na talaga kahit noong payat days niya pa, kahit effem siya sa skating rink. Edi lalo na ngayong toned and fit. Grabe

  6. Sarap pagjakulan nung Michael ha partida upper torso pa lang yan. Lalo na siguro kung naka underwear! Would love to see his legs!

  7. Andaming mapiling beki dito! Kung ayaw nyo kay Tommy akin na lang hahahaha half Kano din yan no at mukhang malinis!

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