Hot Men in the Philippines

Marco in military chic, too.

Yeah, I noticed it too. First it was very apparent in the Brent Javier photo. And now, here comes Marco Alcaraz in the military-inspired photo shoot. I’m referring to the hardware, the guns strategically placed near their crotches, like phallic symbols. While Brent Javier’s gun points up, Marco’s weapon trains down. I must be thinking too much. Coincidence or the stylists just didn’t notice.
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  1. may chism na mahilig daw sya magpapasok sa likuran!!! totoo kaya???? marco..pasok na …dali!!!!!hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….sarapppppppppp!!!!

  2. i think for hire talaga sya. we live in the same condo and nakakasabay ko sya na may kasamang matrona papunta sa unit nya

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