Martin Jickain loses weight

Martin Jickain is all over the papers these days, in advertisements for the non-invasive slimming method of Marie France for Men. His pictures with a big tummy, like his wife, are also plastered in the ad campaign, where he proclaims he lost 30 lbs. and counting. It’s a good thing he’s decided to lose the extra baggage, although he still looks a bit plumpish. For now, photo above will remind us how he looked gorgeously slim and fab a few years back, when he was still single.

2 thoughts on “Martin Jickain loses weight”

  1. aiko!!! maldita kah! hinawahan mo siya ng katabaan moh! HUHUHUHUHU! papa martin, kaya mo yan. kaya mong ibalik ang iyong angking bangis. watch out mareng aiko pag naging yummy uli si future-ex. LOL!

  2. Hi. I was ROTFL when I read this entry and how chenelynmarkado reacted. Blogging about this (quoting you and chenelyn) and will link you. 😀

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