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Martin Jickain scuttlebutt

1. At the Quezon City Hall last Monday, the parking boys [and onlookers] were in a frenzy. Martin Jickain‘s estranged wife was giving away his shoes – lots of them – as contained in one of the councilor’s service trucks. Most of the shoes were sneakers and trainers, and the parking boys and city hall personnel were just too happy to have ’em shoes worn by the cute model.

2. At the Chika Mo Chika Ko show [6-7 pm, Saturdays at UNTV Channel 21 on Sky and Channel 99 on Destiny], the funny hosts were rattling off a blind item about a recently-separated male model who went back to his relationship with the tv director-boyfriend. Of course, there are no blind items in the show as the hosts eventually name the subjects. The hosts identified the male model and the director of the morning show Sis on GMA 7. Hilarious show. You should watch it guys.

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  1. may pagka tanga talaga iyang councillor(?) ex ni mike. has she not heard of e-bay. she sure could make some effortless dough by using their service. furthermore, i am all ears when she is giving away his dirty undies. you bet i will be first in line. sana may mga pre-cum stain pa (wishful thinking). LOL

  2. i also caught that episode of chika mo, chika ko. they named jickain. the hosts are absolutely rowdy–but really straight to the point (and, most of the time i believe, brutally honest!). i’m amazed piolo pascual hasn’t sued them for slander–in almost every episode, the hosts make fun of his true sexuality.

  3. OMG! Kaya pala! I saw Wenn Deramas and Deejay having coffee..kaya pala ha! Pero sana hot din si direk Wenn! Pero hindi e…I know Martin, he’s an attention whore… pero hindi naman ata siya papatol kay Louie…unless bigyan siya ng break!LOL

  4. now i know why this deejay durano na parang bungal ang nguso ay laging may tv exposure sa mga teleserye. he guested once in umagang kay ganda at bading na bading sya ha.

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