Male nipples, eh? Cutie in ‘kinis is Art Natividad, an up-and-coming bikini open regular. He recently won the pre-summer competition Sta Lucia Sexy Body 2013.  Of course, you can’t help notice the huge  mipples. Did you know that the average size of the male areolae is around 25 mm [1 inch]?  

48 thoughts on “Mipples”


    “Anonymous said…
    Dyowa ng may ari ng Sta Lucia, new boytoy! Kaya nanalo

    Thursday, 02 May, 2013″

  2. Like ko face and body. Pero nakakalula naman yung mala platitong areola. Parang kakapanganak lng. Eeew!

  3. Mga ateng, tanong lang. I researched his name and andaming pics nya na maliit pa ang kanyang nipples just like that of a typical man. Bakit here ang laki na just like a gestating woman???

    *juan uwagan* still

  4. Hindi sya kaisng gwapo nina Jared Alvero at Richard Pnagilinan na sumali din noon, pero pwede na din…

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