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German-Thai model Nick Nolte is in town, too, doing the rounds for the Mister International contest. I can’t decide between him and Mr. Hong Kong for the title, and maybe they can do a la All-Stars Drag Race and declare a tie. They deserve the gold, if only for the daring VPLs and shaft shows. Nick is such a dream, isn’t he?

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  1. tsk tsk tsk… which affirms the fact that these so-called male beauty pageants are only thinly-disguised pornographic shows. nasaan ang credibility ng title mo pag nanalo ka neto? imagine the female version, yung miss international, pag naggagaganito ang mga candidates! i’m not hypocritical, pero we should know where to draw the line between legitimate beauty pageants and outright pornography.

      1. hindi nga. pero the fact that these beauty pageants allow these so-called ‘models’ to join debases their credibility. eh di lumalabas na rin na pang-front nga itong mga pageants na ito for pornography teh.

        1. Judgmental mo naman so I’m going to be judgmental too and say you are an angry old faggot na laging niloloko ng mga lalake at di rin maka afford ng gwapong lalake kaya bitter ka sa buhay 😅

  2. He said that being thrown out by his girlfriend was the trigger for hum to get in shape. Yes! He was NOT as good-looking as he is now. The difference is stunning. Go to the FB page of an Indonesia-based pageant news group. That being said, he is kind to his fans. And though he and Hongkong are truly eye-candy, these kinds of past work could frustrate their efforts now in Manila. I doubt the pageant brand owner likes such.

    1. At same pageant page, recent post will reveal that Hongkong has since acquired a GORGEOUS tan from soaking in the Pagudpud sun. Thailand, on the other hand, seems “skin-whitener” pale by comparison; perhaps, he took cover.

  3. Mga seswang naunahan na tao ni inday Mark Vowtista. Haba ng bulbol ni bakla, finofollow siya sa IG. siguro nabooking niya to noong pumunta sa bangkok ang haliparot.

  4. Dont be judgmental guys, if he derves to win regardless of his past then so be it…i think with that face and body he is a sure winner

  5. Admin, still can’t choose between Wai-Kin and Nick? If it helps, though am unsure what your height preference is, former seems significantly taller. There.

  6. looking at his past pics , my gosh, no doubt he really is a Thai… RETOKADO.. medyo na off tuloy ako kasi ang gwapo niya pa naman dito

    1. i don’t think he, i’ve seen his old photos at ang chabi pa nya before (google mo lang!), nagwork out lang talga. he is half german, by the way.

  7. Bakit mo nilalagyan ng watermark na rddantes ang mga pictures na hindi naman sa iyo? May permiso ka ba sa mga tunay na may-ari ng pictures na yan para lagyan mo ng watermark? Plagiarism yan in case nakalimutan mo.

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